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Our Good Practice

We believe it is important to respect our closest partners, the bees.  Bees are little miracles of nature that make it possible for us to make our products. In addition, a great deal of our food crops are dependent on the pollination of bees. Out of all the different insects that are able to pollinate, bees pollinate the highest percentage of plants. Bees also enable us to make our products so fantastic. They provide us with sweet tasting honey and beeswax, which cleans the air as it burns when made into candles. Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly contain excellent nutritional value which we use to make some vitamin supplements. Bees also provide us with a wonderful compound called Propolis which is one of nature’s most powerful germ fighters.

Naturally, as a company that supports natural remedies, we support environmentalism. Here at The Beehive, we make it a point to ensure that our business practices and products are environmentally friendly, and support ethics within the workplace. We also consider it a privilege when we can make donations towards local charities that support enviromentally friendly practices. And most imporant to us is our furry friends! Pets are always welcome in our store. We have had many animal-invoked fundraisers over the years. Let us know if we can help sponsor your furry friend event!


  • All of our products are created using organic ingredients from nature. This includes the colour and fragrances of our products which are all plant derived. They are all Gluten Free; even our Oatmeal scrub!

  • We refrain from using nut oils because of the extreme allergen factor.

  • We only use natural plant derived ingredients in place of animal by products. They are skin enhancing & rich in vitamins that are essential to healthy skin.

  • We will only use natural preservatives such as Rosemary Extract & Grapefruit Seed Extract.

  • At The Beehive, we formulate our own natural remedies and thoroughly test it on ourselves before it reaches the production stage. To show our level of commitment, we even tested the dog shampoo on ourselves first!